The pastor at First Congregational United Church of Christ will officiate weddings for both members and non-members alike and consider it a privilege to be a part of this special and sacred occasion.  It is our expectation that persons who request to be married desire a ceremony that honors the practices of the Christian faith. At First Congregational, we provide marriages for committed couples of any race, gender, orientation or economic status.
We expect couples to complete pre-marital counseling with the pastor, at least four months prior to the wedding date and to meet with the pastor to prepare and plan. We encourage couples to fully participate in the prayerful coordination of a worship service that gives glory to God through the celebration of your relationship.
If you are interested in having our pastor officiate your wedding ceremony, or to receive more information about fees or planning, please speak to Rev. Kristal or call the church office at (920) 893-3411.