Beliefs & Mission



Who We Are
No single creed expresses the measure of our faith except for our common love of God and our desire to follow Christ. Our pastor draws from the Bible as a whole, in the context of its own time, and shows us ways in which the ancient lessons and truths apply to our modern lives. We believe that the Word is open to interpretation, growth and ongoing revelation. We seek to be open to new truths and to walk together in mutual concerns as God leads us. We also respect the beliefs and traditions of other religions. The autonomy of the local church is one of our valued principles. Our church is governed by the congregation and our elected Council and Committee members, and led by our ordained minister according to the vision determined by the membership. We benefit from the support of the Northeast Association of the United Church of Christ, the Wisconsin Conference UCC, and of the UCC National Office in Cleveland, OH. Our goal is Doors Open, Arms Open, Minds Open, Hearts Open.


Purpose Statement
United as a community of faith to worship God and to love and serve our neighbor as followers of Jesus the Christ.


Our Mission
We, the members of First Congregational United Church of Christ, envision our church as a gathering of faithful followers of Jesus the Christ. Our fellowship in worship, education, service and witness will provide us, and those affected by us, with the inspiration and empowerment for the living of every day.

We are and Open and Affirming congregation.

Our worship reflects this as ALL of God’s children are invited to gather…

…to celebrate the divine presence in all of human history

…to be refreshed, renewed and upheld by the Spirit

…to share Christ’s holy meal

…to hear God’s story and to share our own stories

…to be real with one another and with God – recognizing that we are human and will make mistakes

…to praise and thank God through voice and silence, gifts and shortcomings, prayers and doubts

…to share God’s love in all the ways we can, with all the people we can, for as long as we possibly can

…to work in partnership with God to proclaim the gospel

…to promote justice and inclusion

We join together as pilgrims in our journeys of faith.
In this, as in all things, we ask God’s blessing, guidance, and help.