Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral care is important to us, and we need your help to know when you need us. Please contact the church office by calling (920) 893-3411 or email at

pastoral careSome examples of when you may want to contact the pastor:

– When someone in your family is near death, call immediately. We want to provide spiritual support as your loved one approaches death. We want to be with you and your family, day or night, in the midst of your grief.
– When someone in your family is ill and has been hospitalized or is going to have surgery, call the church office. We’d like to visit and offer healing prayers.
– When you are having a crisis of faith, call and make an appointment to come and sit down for a conversation with the pastor.
– When you lose a job, or experience the death of a friend, or any significant loss.
– When a child is born. We’d like the opportunity to bless both parents and child.
– When something wonderful is happening in your life, please share with us. We want to be with you in the best of times, too.