The Service
Our worship service begins with a warm welcome from our minister.  The service continues with congregational singing, exchanging the Peace of God with each other, and prayers of the people.  This is followed by the sermon and, on the first Sunday of the month, Communion.In every service, you will hear a compelling and challenging message that nourishes the mind as much as the soul.  And sometimes the mood is quiet and contemplative and at other times it is exuberant and spirit-filled, but always the message is relevant to daily life, no matter where you are on life’s journey.
Time with the Children
At First Congregational, children are an important part of the worshiping and learning community.  Every Sunday, children are encouraged to participate in worship and are invited to the front for a special lesson that relates to what we are discussing in the worship service (adults are encouraged to accompany children who may be cautious).  The pastor sits by the steps in the front of the Sanctuary, alongside the children, and engages them in a lesson, using words and props that the kids can understand and enjoy. Sometimes they are asked questions; other times they are told stories.  At the end of the Time with Children, they are led in prayer.

Worship Times
Worship begins at 9:30am.

Faith Formation is on the 2nd Sunday of the month following worship.