Nursery Care



Here at First Congregational it is our pleasure to have all people of all ages worship with us – your entire family is welcome to join us in the sanctuary for worship whenever they would like.
So knowing that church can be long for young people we do provide activity bags at the sanctuary entrance, a snack for all the children as they “Experience the Word” during children’s time and Rev. Kristal also tries to help “get the wiggles out” when is seems necessary.
However we want our young families that are worshipping with us to feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible. For many, this is knowing that the church has nursery care available if it is needed – no matter where we are in the service – beginning, middle or end. Therefore, supervised nursery care is available for children under age 5 during worship. In the nursery are books, toys, puzzles, a rocking chair, a changing table and a toddler-sized toilet for those working on potty training.