Online and Virtual
Worship Opportunities



We know that church is greater than the walls that surround the sanctuary where we gather together on Sunday mornings for worship. Worship can happen anytime and anywhere!
Below we are excited to share with you a variety of virtual worship opportunities.


Live Stream Worship Services

Our Sunday morning 9:00am worship service will be live streamed weekly. The link to the service will be posted below by 8:00am.
Sunday, October 17th Worship Service

To listen to past worship services, just click on the date of your choice.

Sunday, October 10th Worship Service
Sunday, October 3rd Worship Service
Sunday, September 26th Worship Service
Sunday, September 19th Worship Service

Daily Devotional

Daily devotions are a spiritual discipline that helps us get to know God, that ensures we stay connected to Him, that teaches us truth, that provides a place for worship, and that functions as a daily shelter in the midst of the storms of life. So in a time where we find ourselves amidst one of the greatest storms sweeping through the world, may you find a moment of shelter with the UCC’s  Stillspeaking Daily Devotional .