When you shop using Scrip Gift Cards, you are not just shopping — you are earning money for our church!


The Scrip being sold by the church is the same as gift cards you can purchase at many stores and restaurants. The only difference is that the profits from the sale of these cards goes to our church. Most of us love to find a “good deal” by shopping with coupons or watching for a great sale price. When you are shopping at your favorite store, taking the family to a special restaurant or just getting take-out at a fast food establishment you can earn money for our church by using the Scrip gift cards. That can turn a “good deal” into an even “better deal”.
The selection of Scrip gift cards varies as our ability to order cards for various stores changes. Please review the latest Scrip Order Form or inquire about Scrip availability for your favorite store or restaurant. We normally stock cards for stores and establishments that are purchased most frequently by members of our congregation, but cards are available for almost every national chain. Please go to for a listing of all available retailers and merchants. There are over 750 of the most popular brands, from groceries to coffee to entertainment to gas.
Some people are able to “budget” their expenses by using scrip cards. At the beginning of the month they purchase cards for gasoline, groceries, restaurants, fast food or clothing that they expect to use for expenses during the month. If they do not use all of them, they save them for the next month or vacation when they may want to splurge.
Using scrip should be part of your daily stewardship as you purchase groceries, clothing, meals or gasoline. If we need to spend our money, it is a great feeling to know that our church is also earning money when we make our purchases with scrip gift cards.
If you have questions on the Scrip Program or would like to order special Scrip cards, please contact
Jennifer Falk at