When you shop using Scrip Gift Cards, you are not just shopping —
you are earning money for our church!


What is scrip? Scrip is the exact same as the gift cards you can purchase at many stores and restaurants. The only difference is that the profits from the sale of these cards goes directly to our church.
Types Of Scrip Cards
There are three types of scrip cards available – physical cards, eGift cards and reloadable gift cards. So which type is right for you? To learn more about each type of card click here. 
Available Scrip
The church normally stocks cards for stores and establishments that are purchased most frequently by members of our congregation, but cards are available for almost every national chain. Please go to for a complete listing of all available retailers and the types of cards they offer. There are over 750 of the most popular brands to choose from!
How To Purchase Scrip
There are three easy ways you can purchase scrip – In person, using the RaiseRight mobile app or online using the RaiseRight website.

  • In person – You can purchase scrip every Sunday morning before and after worship at the scrip desk.
  • Mobile App or Online – Download the RaiseRight app in the App Store/Google Play or visit their website at . Create an account using our church’s enrollment code which can be received by calling or emailing the church office.

To get started,  click here  for easy step-by-step instructions.