Church Council


The Church Council is the elected leadership of First Congregational UCC members. It meets monthly to review priorities, budget, events, issues facing the congregation and most importantly, to prayerfully guide the congregation to where God is calling us to be.
The Council is comprised of six voting members. In addition, the following individuals are present at all council meetings but are non-voting members: the Minister, the Moderator, the Treasurer and the Clerk. It should be noted that the Moderator is responsible for planning and moderating the meeting and will only vote in the event of a tie. Meeting minutes are recorded by the Clerk.
The Council’s job is to “do the church’s business”, while seeking and remaining faithful to God in all things, implementing the major priorities and directions of the congregation and acts on behalf of the congregation in matters that do not require a congregational vote.  In the United Church of Christ denominations, the congregation makes decisions and the Council implements them.
Regular congregational meetings are held in November, to elect nominees to the Boards and officers and to approve the budget, and in January to receive the annual reports of the church and nominate conference delegates.   They also meet on an “as needed” basis to discuss, debate, learn and discern the direction of the church.

The current council members are:
Name Position Contact E-mail Term Expiration
Kelly Haefs Moderator December 31, 2023
Becky Smith Member December 31, 2023
Mickenzie Petrie-Rust Member December 31, 2023
Lisa Ames Member December 31, 2024
Nadeen Thompson Member December 31, 2024
Tyrone Arneson Member December 31, 2025
Steve Klock Member December 31, 2025


Ex-Officio Members are:
Name Position Contact E-mail Term Expiration
Penny Wieser Treasurer December 31, 2024
Courtney Zimmermann Clerk December 31, 2023
Kristal Klemme Reverand


The Church Council meets on the third Monday of every month at 6:30pm.  Meetings of the Church Council are open to all members of the congregation.